Monday Motivation: Healthy Starts for You and Baby


Today during Chicagoland Doulas Monday Coffee Break, we offer some tips on how to lead a healthier lifestyle for you and your baby. Whether you’re just beginning the pregnancy journey or entering postpartum parenthood, keeping a healthy diet is important. This can be challenging with all those extra hormones running rampant in your body, at time encouraging unhealthy cravings. We can help you get on the right track! Here are a few tips to begin:

  1. Eat REAL Food: That means non-processed food with the least number of ingredients. Can’t even pronounce most of the ingredients listed? Skip it – food is fuel for you and the little ones. Only the best!

  2. Ingest as many Colors as you Can Every Day: Brighter colors = more antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients. Fitting as much of the color wheel as you can daily fills you and your baby up with more of that good-good.

  3. Make Smarter Snacking Choices: Try roasting thinly cut potatoes instead of opening a bag of Lay's. Perhaps some apples and peanut butter for a little sweet/savory? Almost every craving can be satisfied with a healthy alternative.

  4. Assess Stress: We tend to indulge on comfort food when we are stressed, anxious, or both. Try to recognize when you are becoming overwhelmed emotionally and figure out ways to better ease these negative emotions.

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