Often I’m asked about my philosophy about birth. I support my clients fully, and that means I don’t have a philosophy for them - I’m here to help them realize their own.
— Anne

Anne Iverson

Owner | Labor | Postpartum | Postpartum Placenta Specialist

Anne began her career as a doula in 2010 and has since trained with three different organizations to become a well-rounded birth professional. She expanded her business into an agency in 2015 and has enjoyed helping both parents and doulas thrive.

Anne was drawn to birth work after studying Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Kansas. She recognized that families are strongest when they have support from the beginning. After her initial start as a doula with the Academy of Certified Birth Educators in Olathe, Kansas, she continued her official training with ProDoula Certification Agency of Westchester, New York. Anne has also attended workshops including: Bradley Method childbirth education, Spinning Babies, Difficult Births, and ProDoula Postpartum & Placenta Specialist trainings. She has extensive experience supporting parents with breastfeeding. 

Anne believes the most important quality a doula can have is the ability to be present in the moment and set aside judgement. She loves to meet doulas who are open to supporting families of all types.

Anne lives in Avondale with her two cats and her partner. When she is not busy supporting clients, she enjoys cooking intricate meals, knitting, and talking about whiskey.



Coral Gable


Coral finally began following her passion for birth work in 2017. She trained to be a Labor Doula so she could support women and families during the major life transition that is childbirth. Coral believes that non-judgmental and unconditional support for families is key to having a calm and comforting birth experience.

Coral earned her BFA in Costume Design from The Theatre School at DePaul where she learned the importance of collaboration, artistic expression, and community support. And costumes. From there, Coral went on to attend cosmetology school and opened a salon and wig studio in Chicago,IL. It was here that she realized she loves working with women as they explore different versions of self expression. In particular, she began to work with women undergoing major transitions due to hair loss and illness, and this work drover her to find more ways to aid women.

Coral's focus and passion for birth work started at a young age and continues into adulthood. She has worked as a professional nanny, in home daycares as well as summer camps supporting children and families. Coral, her partner, and her dog -Bruce Springsteen - live in Logan Square and can be seen walking about town or enjoying a drink on a patio.


Jess Galli

Labor | Postpartum

In 2015 Jess was astonished when she first learned about birth work, and the incredible power of pregnancy and labor. She immediately became certified as a labor and postpartum doula from Cornerstone Doula Training in San Francisco, CA. In 2016 she began birth work as a volunteer doula for the Homeless Prenatal Program, helping homeless and low income families with labor and postpartum support. In 2017 she joined the Doula Volunteer Organization at San Francisco General Hospital, where she offered care in labor and delivery, postpartum and the neonatal intensive care unit. She is thrilled to continue birth work in Chicago and to be a part of the Chicagoland Doulas team.

Jess received a BFA in Dramaturgy from The Theatre School at DePaul University. A dramaturg can be considered as a doula for theatrical productions. They act as informed resources and productive support for everyone involved. This means Jess will always do her due diligence to offer her clients trusted resources for navigating this incredible life transition. During college Jess got her first job working in bakery at Sweet Mandy B’s in Lincoln Park. She’s been working as baker and a cook ever since. Nourishing her community through cooking and baking comes naturally for Jess. She loves sharing her talents in the kitchen with her clients. When she isn’t working as doula, she’s baking bread in Logan Square, going for a run through Humboldt Park, or quilting on her living room floor.


Jackie Escobar

Postpartum | Infant Care Specialist

The desire to provide non-judgmental, full-spectrum support for families is what led Jackie to pursue her career as a doula. She completed the ProDoula Postpartum Training in 2016 and joined Chicagoland Doulas a few months later.

The saying “It takes a village” has always meant much to Jackie but in 2009 when she began work as a full-time nanny that saying became a personal motto. In her time as a nanny, Jackie felt like a team member working alongside parents as they care for their children. Always eager to provide the very best care, she regularly attends child development workshops, seminars, and conferences. With professional development and her nanny experience, Jackie has become very knowledgeable in all aspects of infant care. She excels at anticipating the needs of growing families.

Jackie currently lives the Mayfair area but has lived throughout the city. In her spare time, Jackie enjoys knitting, playing board games with friends, and tasting craft beers at local breweries. She also loves visiting art galleries and acquiring new pieces for her collection. Jackie can’t wait to support new and growing families with her experience, companionship, and solidarity as a Chicagoland Doula.



Shira Segev-Sommer

Labor | Postpartum | Infant Care Specialist

Shira began working with young children and families at an early age while growing up in a small community in Israel. After pursuing education in the field of Nutrition and Natural Medicine in Israel, she found her calling as an educator both as a philosopher and a preschool teacher. She has supported and guided parents and families for more than 15 years.

The birth of Shira’s daughter 8 years ago was her first introduction to doulas and was a natural and essential experience for her. It was such a profound moment in her life that it became the inspiration to follow her life’s dream to support families and newborns. She moved to the US with her husband and daughter 5 years ago and is currently living in the Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

Shira has a calm and compassionate nature, and is also an energetic cook. She loves to sing and seeks new volunteer opportunities regularly.

Shira is honored to be serving families in the Chicagoland area and helping them on their journey in conscious parenting. When she is not nurturing new parents, she can be found gardening, cycling, camping, and volunteering with her husband at Chicago’s nonprofit School of Philosophy for Living.


Becca Hammond


From a very young age, Becca took an interest in spending time with children and was always eager to be the caregiver to her many young cousins and family members. She started supporting Chicago families as a nanny in 2009 and became inspired to empower families after her own challenging birth and postpartum experience with her daughter in 2011. As a young, new mother what she truly needed was unbiased and accurate information, guidance and resources. She found that these things were hard to come by, and many years later a good friend told her about the role of a postpartum doula - she knew this was what she had been waiting for.

Becca is now DONA trained and working through her certification process, which she has found to be incredibly eye opening and healing. She hopes to add more to her list of skills and expertise in time. Her unique understanding of the many challenges new families can face makes her an empathetic, non-judgmental, and attentive postpartum doula. Becca runs Mama Bears Logan Square, a neighborhood group and meal train for Logan Square moms to help bring back a sense of community and care to those who need it. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and daughter, getting together with friends, riding her bike, and practicing many forms of self-care.


Kira Silverstein


Kira has worked with youth and families for over ten years in a variety of settings including nannying, education, and working as a program manager for an after-school elementary program. Kira developed a passion for birth as she was an intimate part of families lives for many years and supported mothers during their pregnancy, and families postpartum. She trained with DONA in 2018 to solidify her career as a doula.

Kira’s graduate thesis explored how to create trauma-informed practices as a theatre facilitator, which has since evolved to adapt to other educational and experiential settings, including her work as a doula. She holds the belief that people are the experts of their own lives, and sometimes they need a mirror (or a doula!) to reflect that which they already know. Kira’s greatest assets are her empathy and compassion and she is a firm believer in meeting individuals where they are. Her trauma-informed approach honors the range of experiences and identities birthing people hold, and she is committed to supporting them through their own unique journey so they feel empowered and prepared.

When Kira is not doula-ing, she is teaching or making theatre. Her work focuses on themes surrounding mental health, body-image, women and femme’s stories, and healing/preventing gender-based violence. Kira is fascinated by the human body and its’ resilience. She’s obsessed with her dog Ruby, and loves to dance and be silly. She will be pursuing a master’s in family counseling next fall which she hopes will only deepen her work as a birth professional.

Mary MC Photo 2 .JPG

Mary Calderon

Postpartum / Infant Care Specialist

Mary began her career as a postpartum doula in 2015, after training through Doulas of North America (DONA). She has been supporting diverse family structures since the very beginning, when she started pursuing her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan.

Mary’s bachelor’s degree in developmental psychology has provided her with the foundation she’s needed to be a passionate, skilled, and professional nanny for the past 13 years. Mary was drawn to birth work when she saw that there was a need for parents to have caring, informed, non-judgmental support within the first hours of bringing their new babies home. Mary’s area of expertise is with newborns and infants, and she enjoys staying current with the latest parenting approaches, as well as advances in research and technology so that she can provide families with a unique and better understanding of infant and toddler development. Her additional training in breastfeeding education ensures that she can support families in all capacities as they flourish in their roles as parents. 

Mary lives in Logan Square with her spouse and cat. In her spare time, she enjoys being active outside and exploring the city. She also loves spending weekends in rural west Michigan, visiting and making memories with her grandparents.


Hope Williams

Labor | Counseling

Hope began their career as a doula in 2015 and has been supporting families through life transitions since they became a big sister in 1985. Serving children and families has been at the forefront of Hope’s goals in a variety of capacities.

Studying English at San Diego State University, Hope taught in the San Diego Juvenile Court Schools for several years before pursuing a Master's in Social Work. In 2010 they moved to Chicago and graduated from UIC's Jane Addams College of Social Work two years later. Since then, Hope has advocated for families in many systems including for-profit hospitals, non-profit human rights organizations, and Tribal child protection agencies. Prevailing through these experiences is a strong conviction that families are the experts on their own lives and experiences and should have agency over them. As a doula, Hope is honored to share space with families as they navigate parenthood. With a strong appreciation for the diversity of individuals and families, Hope is deeply committed to honoring the experiences of those who have been marginalized or stigmatized due to their identities, experiences and/or trauma(s). Hope identifies as a Full-Spectrum Doula, supporting all people during all phases of pregnancy with all outcomes (including abortion, miscarriage, birth, and adoption).

Hope lives in Garfield Park with their partner and cat. They continue to work in the field of social work as a counselor in a small community health agency. When not busy supporting clients, Hope enjoys learning how to make stuff, quilting, sewing, knitting, and thrift store shopping.