Monday Coffee Break

This Labor Day, we introduce a weekly celebration of our hard work and nourishment of our minds in the Monday Coffee Break. Whether you're in baby-stained pajamas at home or three inch heels in the office, take a short coffee break with us. If you prefer tea or wine, all the better!

Each Monday, we will offer something that made us think in the last week. This week is inspired by Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention. Though the speech was some time ago, I just could not get her words, "Every morning I wake up in a house built by slaves," out of my mind. I realized that my knowledge of the history of black people who built, protect, and work in the White House is not going to cut it. 

I took to the Chicago Public Library, one of my favorite things about this city, and found the book The Black History of the White House by Clarence Lusane. What a gift this author is to read! The nine chapters span from the writing of the Declaration of Independence to the Obama family's residence in the White House. He describes the rich context of each era as well as individual historical accounts of black people living or working in the White House during those times. 

This Monday Coffee Break is a real eye opener for me. What made you think this week?