Five Unexpected Parts of Birth

No matter how hard you prepare for childbirth, it is almost guaranteed that something unexpected will happen. Chicagoland Doulas is going to help you be even more prepared for the big day, by letting you in on some unexpected parts of birth many experts may leave out.

1. “Natural” Childbirth is Different For Everyone

The real questions is: what does “natural” mean to you? Natural gets a reputation for being a black and white term, but there are many different definitions: No interventions? Minimal interventions? The option to walk, eat and drink? Intermittent fetal monitoring? Educate yourself so you can have clarity with your decisions. Our definition is different than you might think.

2. That Poop Myth? It’s True.

No, that’s not just a myth - it is, indeed, very common for someone giving birth to poop during labor. It’s a good sign that you’re doing everything correctly! No one blinks an eye, and your care team cleans it up immediately. It’s much less dramatic than you’d think.

3. You Might Be Puffy Post-Birth

Most hospitals give new parents an IV during labor to combat dehydration - you’re working hard, and it can be a challenge to keep up with drinking water.  The day after birth, many people swell up in their face or ankles due to have so many IV fluids. At this point, your body still has significant blood volume and hormones are adjusting to post-pregnancy.  Some people notice an increase in sweating more after birth, which is pent up fluid leaving the system.

4. Fundal Massage: Not as Fun as it Sounds

After you have your baby, your uterus needs to reduce back to a firm and well-situated state, which helps control any bleeding. You’ll still have contractions, but they will be less painful. Your nurse, midwife, or doctor will “massage” your uterus so that it firms up quickly and they will make sure it returns to its pre-pregnancy position in your pelvic area. This massage will not be pleasant, but it is very important.

5. So Many Faces, So Little Time

Even though you have a primary provider assisting you with the birth, you are going to interact with many different people. If you have a particularly long birth, you’ll be in the middle of many shift changes for the hospital staff. As you get close to meeting your baby, you might see a team of staff calmly waiting to help if necessary, or arranging materials for your midwife or doctor. Your partner, doula, nurse, and provider are focused on you and your little one.

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