Anne eased my anxiety, made me feel more comfortable physically and emotionally, and provided a calming voice during the most intense experience of my life.  This is all such a natural instinct for her - knowing how to support a family leading up to and during the birth of their baby.  I trusted her knowledge and experience instantly and felt more mentally prepared.  When I went a week past my due date and my doctor scheduled me to be induced, Anne helped me work through my feelings about that and understand how she would be there for us during that day.  Anne was with my husband and me once labor became more difficult and encouraged me during every moment.  Anne offers empathy, support, guidance, and partnership without judgment or bias in any way.  She clearly believes her role is to support her client, and her actions do nothing but prove this. Anne came to our house to provide postpartum support twice a week for six weeks.  We wanted the companionship and help from Anne as we transitioned to life with a newborn.  During her time with us, she helped me with any goal I had - from getting outside for walks, getting laundry done, and organizing baby clothes to finding comfortable positions for breastfeeding, using my breast pump, identifying good vs. problem latches, and dealing with my emotions.  I so value and appreciate the time Anne spent with my baby and me.  She is truly a part of our family.
— Julie
I thought it was necessary to have someone with us during delivery at all times to give advice on positions, massage, relaxation, etc. Her experience made her actions easy and automatic.  She had the knowledge and confidence that I didn’t have, and that translated over to my wife being much more relaxed and confident. I thought it was great having our own coach to get us through our first delivery.
— Kevin
Anne was our doula for the birth of our first son, Jack, and it’s not any exaggeration to say that she was nothing short of miraculous. We originally decided to hire a doula to help with pain management upon learning that I may not be able to get an epidural for medical reasons. But after seeing all that she had to offer, we would have been wise to hire her regardless. She was incredibly warm and supportive and non-judgmental. She recognized patterns in how I was laboring that I didn’t even recognize, and employed techniques and tools to cope with the contractions that were suited to what I was feeling, what was most comfortable, etc. I don’t think I could have gotten through it without her. She is also incredibly knowledgable and accessible. Before labor started, I texted her many times with various non-urgent questions and concerns, and she got back to me almost immediately. Then, once labor started (which was in the middle of the night), she also responded immediately with suggestions and was over in 15 minutes once we told her we wanted her. She is everything you’d want in a doula and more. Perhaps most important is her warmth and genuine sense of empathy. She is so integrated and dedicated throughout the process that she teared up after the baby was born and even during the follow up meeting several days later. She is truly a wonderful person who will give you all her energy—physical and emotional. To find someone like that is rare. Hire Anne!
— Larah
Anne was a very knowledgeable, support and comforting Doula during the birth of my second son. She spent time with my family before the birth and was able to see how we all worked together, she picked up on our quirks and quickly joined in and has become part of our family. I ended up having to have an induction for my second son (my first was also induced and lead to a rather traumatic birth). Anne discussed my options with me and was always available for a discussion on what my worst fears were. The day of my induction Anne was available via phone call (and text) and really helped my work with the nurses and doctors to keep me from having a large amount of interventions. She reminded me and my husband that things don’t happen in a hurry and its ok to slow it down. Anne ended up coming to the hospital significantly earlier that we all thought just so she could be there to support us in our decisions and to help slow things down in the hospital (literally just her presence helped). I am so incredibly grateful she came when she did. I ended up dilating on my own and my water broke on its own. Anne was fantastic while I was laboring, helping my husband help me and also using massage to keep me relaxed. She had the ability to read my face and body language to see what might help and how I could help myself. Anne was also very supportive of the nurses and doctors. She brought in a bag of treats which really went a long way with the staff. My labor progressed very quickly, and my worst fears never happened! My son was born after three short, quick pushes and we were all relieved. I am so grateful to Anne, she was calm and collected during the entire process. Seeing how relaxed she was really put me at ease during the entire process. She really supported me and constantly reminded me to listen to my body which can be hard to remember when you are in the middle of it all.
— Kristen
I had an amazing birth experience and relied on Anne for support and comfort throughout my pregnancy and labor.  She worked alongside my husband to support my unmedicated birth.  Anne’s presence at our birth and leading up to it provided an added boost of confidence, especially as labor approached. She worked collaboratively with my birth team and brought added knowledge during times where a decision needed to be made.  Anne’s services not only focus on pain assistance and labor support but include pre and post natal support that is invaluable.  Her process also focused on developing a relationship with myself and my husband which helped with the trust needed during labor.  We were able to communicate with few words because Anne understood what we wanted during our birth experience.
— Mary
I literally cannot imagine our birth experience without Anne. She was so exactly what we needed, giving us the strength and tranquility to take our own time to work through the early stages of what could have been a (second) traumatic and painful forced labor induction for my wife. Anne read our minds, showed up at the exact perfect time, and was able to help my wife through the most painful parts of early and active labor at a time when I was feeling completely unable to give
her any relief. I am eternally grateful for Anne’s role in our birth story and will never forget the emotional and physical boon she brought to us in helping welcome our new baby boy!
— Ben
I have had the privilege of knowing Anne Iverson for many years, so the choice to ask her to be my doula was an easy one. Anne is a kind, compassionate and understanding person – qualities that truly shine in her work. She brought me snacks, asked questions of the doctors and nurses I would never have thought to ask (or was too frazzled to remember), and lobbied wholeheartedly for me, my husband and our little girl before, during, and after the birth. She was more than just a calming and supportive presence – she was my ally and I truly appreciate her being there for us. Our baby was premature and had to be put in the NICU immediately after entering the world. Because of Anne’s communication with the hospital staff, I felt heard and included in what otherwise could have been a clinical and isolating experience.  I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone.
— Adri
Anne is awesome.  She brings with her a quiet strength that instills confidence.  She is tireless and is doing this work because she loves it.  While we labored at home, Anne helped me have a more intimate experience with the birth by getting me into a hands on role alongside her.  She turned the experience into a team effort.  Anne – you will always have a special place in our hearts for what you shared with us that day.
— Dave
Anne met with me and my husband a few times and with me individually on a consistent basis a few months prior to the baby’s due date. During this time, we developed a relationship where I got to know Anne and felt more comfortable asking questions, express fears and concerns, and help me prepare for birth. She also encouraged me to discuss a variety of topics with my midwife which ultimately helped me be more informed about different risks, benefits and alternatives. And most importantly, Anne provided me with amazing emotional support. My experience with my Doula was very short because labor and delivery all happened very quickly. Although it was short, Anne was super in making me, the mother, the focal point at all times. During the most intense moments of labor she was a powerful calming presence —and her scent of lavender and massage helped tremendously! I’m a first time mother so I didn’t really know what to expect, but Anne as my Doula is exactly what I needed.
— Rosa